Meet the Swimming Technical Officials (STO) Team

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Volunteer with our Club as a Swimming Technical Official to support our swimmers at meets they attend. Progress from Time Keeper to varying levels of Judging and beyond. 

Every parent / guardian is encouraged to sign-up.  If you're interested in taking the first step then please look at our Join Us web page.

See STO Pathway for details on roles.



Susan Coe


Judge 2(S)

Christine Adam

Peter Coe

Bruce Bannerman

Ailsa McLellan

Chris Warwick

Judge 2

Linda Clerihew


Mark Cowling

Claire Hannah

Shirley Kelly

Bruce Renfrew

Patricia Sanderson

Louise Venter

Judge 1

Tina Auld

Anne Bannerman

Claire Barber

Geoff Kelly

Tanya Kemp

Shelley-Anne McKenzie

Karyn Murray

Pam Renfrew

Heather Smart


Doug Allan

Andrew Bailey

Katie Brunton

Helen Cairns

Neil Combe

Eva Cowling

Louise Cowling

Gordon Currie

Olivia Currie

Elizabeth Dow

Kirsten Kelly

Mhairi Kemp

Chris McClements

Ruth McGregor

Chris McLeod

Jane McLeod

Lisa McLeod

Rebecca McLeod

Carol McPartland

Kevin McQueen

Jenna Macnaughton

Lisa Martin

Richard Norris

Jenni Owens

Aaron Parker

Amy Parker

Claire Patterson

James Peaty

Mark Pyper

Catriona Reed

Gemma Robertson

Iain Robertson

Celine Schembri

Gavin Scott

Vicky Scott

Graham Smart

Jodie Smith

Karen Stather

Alan Thomson

Eve Thomson

Terrianne Thomson



Bruce Bannerman

Mark Cowling

Tanya Kemp

Mike Lees


Bruce Renfrew


David Ridler


Automatic Officiating Equipment (AOE) Operator