Perth City Swim Club (PCSC) are first and foremost a competitive club. The submittal of meet entries is a pivotal function for the Club, ensuring that the correct entry information is made for the swimmers, Swimming Technical Officials (STOs) and coaches, and that fees are paid for each meet. This is all coordinated by the Entries Secretary. 

All Meet entries are submitted and managed with the organising host Club (HOST) by PCSC and not by the individuals. 

The meet entry process can be complicated and not altogether intuitive to new members and their parents. To provide clarity, the steps to this process are laid out below: 


The Head Coach identifies the up and coming meets for PCSC to attend, and the details are populated on the PCSC Website Team Events Calendar. This is done as much in advance as possible. 


The Events Secretary will obtain from the HOST nearer the time of the meet all the ‘meet information’ and upload this to the Calendar and create the Events (individual & relay) and job sign-ups for individual declarations.  Emails will be generated to the eligible individuals inviting them to declare attendance by a registration deadline.  Each meet will have its own date that all information must be returned, which is determined by the HOST. 


Individuals declare attendance and register by following the guide  Parents: Sign up athlete for meet / Commit to events 


After the registration deadline, the Events Secretary will review the declarations with the Coaches and approve individuals for entry to Events.  A Meet Entry Report will be generated and submitted to the Host and attached to the Calendar.  PCSC pays the HOST for all entries at this stage. 

Parents have the ability to run a report listing all meets they have entered and view approvals at any time by following the guidMeet Attendance for My Account. 


The HOST will issue the draft programme usually within a week of their closing date for entries.  The Events Secretary will receive an Acceptance Report from the HOST and upload this to the Calendar and adjust the individuals accounts to reflect the accepted entries. 

The Acceptance Report will highlight for all of our application entries any scratches and/or reserves when a Meet is oversubscribed.  Scratch is the terminology for non-accepted entry whilst reserve means that the individual may be granted the entry on the day of the meet if there are withdrawals for that event. 

All confirmed entries (including reserves) at this stage are generally non-refundable by the HOST.  PCSC will automatically be entitled to a refund after the Meet for all scratches noted on the Acceptance Report. 


Fees will be charged to individuals Accounts for all accepted entries (including reserves) immediately after Stage 5. 


If you are a reserve for a swim, you will only know if you are granted the entry on the day of the meet when the HOST collates all withdrawals for that event.  HOSTs generally try and accommodate as many Reserves as possible.   

It is your choice to attend, however please note that the host does not grant a grace period for withdrawal with refund after they have issued the draft programme.  Refunds will only be made by the HOST for reserves who turn up for the Meet and marshall but don’t get allocated a swim. 


The Events Secretary will receive the results file from the HOST after the meet & upload to the website so that times are attached to individuals accounts and also viewable from the Event Reports section of the website. 


Refunds will be made to accounts for any reserve swims not granted at the meet. These will be made once PCSC receives them from the HOST after the Meet. 


If a withdrawal is being considered after declaration of a swimmer to attend the Meet, this can be made via the Team Unify sign-up process per Stage 3 above until the Registration deadline. 

Once the Registration deadline is passed all notifications must be made to [email protected]. 

No refunds can be given after Stage 6 for the confirmed entries, as these are non-refundable from the HOST.  By exception, a HOST may provide a withdrawal deadline for refunds beyond Stage 6 which would be made clear in the Meet Calendar.  PCSC will make any refunds to Accounts once they are received from the HOST after the Meet. 


Relays will be considered on a meet by meet basis and will be determined by the meet information criteria and if enough eligible swimmers are available at submission. If on receipt of the acceptance report the report excludes swimmers that were potential relay candidates, then the relay teams will have to be reassessed for eligibility or if a withdrawal is to be made.  The Events Secretary, with the Coaches input, may publish individuals selected in advance of the Meet, otherwise Team Managers will publish and advise individuals at the Meet prior to Registration. 

Fees for relays will be at PCSC expense.