How to Volunteer                             

The Club can only run on a stable, long-term basis with the help of volunteers. Those volunteers support a number of areas that helps us to:-

  • Attend our programme of meets throughout the season
  • Manage the Club effectively through Committees and working groups
  • Complete Club admin including the website and social networks and
  • Arrange social events, provide a Club Shop and raise funds

We always need new volunteers to come forwards and we would appreciate you giving a little of your time to help the Club and to spread the workload.  Whether you can spare an hour a week or an hour a day, your time will really make a difference.

There are many different roles to suit your skills, from teaching, coaching or officiating to designing the website, fundraising or ordering kit for the club. 

Of course, there are many reasons not to volunteer:

  1. My son / daughter is not competing in that event
  2. I don't know where to start
  3. I am nervous about being an official
  4. I am too busy
  5. I already pay my squad fees, that should be enough.

There is an imbalance at the moment with some parents putting in 100hrs plus of volunteering every year just to keep the Club running effectively. We also rely on a number of people who no longer swim themselves and no longer have children swimming with the Club.

We would like more volunteers to come forwards and get involved in the Club. It is rewarding to put something back and it helps you, as a parent, to get much closer to the sport that your children enjoy participating in.

Application and Training

All volunteers will be considered on their merits for the role they have volunteered to undertake.  As a club we must  safeguard the swimmers and to that end training ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ will be arranged (no cost to  volunteer).  Additionally an enhanced disclosure will be undertaken by PCSC in conjunction  with Scottish Swimming within 6 weeks of volunteer confirming interest.  Where the enhanced disclosure reveals an offence considered by the National Governing Body & PCSC to pose any potential threat to those involved in the club, PCSC Management Committee retains the right to decline their offer of assistance or to offer an alternative  role.

Once accepted as a volunteer for PCSC appropriate training will be discussed with the individual and arranged where appropriate. The training will depend on the role selected.

There may be a requirement for particular roles to attend courses arranged by PCSC or other clubs within travelling distance, shadow an individual for a period of time, work under the lead of another, etc. PCSC will support volunteers undertaking training with the cost of  course fees through direct financial assistance or through support of applications to other bodies for scholarships or grants.

Monitoring and Evaluation

PCSC values the work undertaken by volunteers but also recognises that there needs to be a standard applied to the various roles. All volunteers will be  asked to sign a Code of Conduct that outlines the expected behaviours and this will be used as the basis for monitoring performance. Volunteers will be accountable to specific individuals/post holders or Office Bearers as agreed when the volunteer application was accepted. These individuals/post holders/Office Bearers will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating performance and providing  feedback to the volunteer. PCSC Management Committee will have the final decision in any areas of  disagreement or conflict.


PCSC is keen that volunteers enjoy the role they are undertaking and recognise that if they are happy and feel that the work they do for the club is valued they will stay. However, sometimes an individuals situation changes and so does their ability to commit to their current  role, often this leads to severing links with the club as  they give up the role. The monitoring & evaluation process above provides an opportunity for volunteers  to say how they feel, gives a point of contact for individual to raise concerns and to explore the alternatives  available – including the possibility of moving to another role or activity within the club.

Reward & Recognition

PCSC has an annual ‘Good Sport’ award, which is  based on nominations from across the club and for which volunteers can be nominated. This award is presented at the annual Ceildh and awards ceremony - publicity is sought for this event.

PCSC has ‘Life Memberships’ which are awarded for service to the club. Detailed nominations are submitted to  the Secretary 30 days prior to the  Annual General Meeting. They are considered and voted up on by the assembled members. Life Membership can only be awarded through the AGM

Midlands District has an annual ‘Volunteer Award’ to which all clubs within the District can nominate individuals. Awards are made at the Annual General Meeting of the District.

Perth & Kinross Sports Council has an annual  awards ceremony of which one category is for volunteers’ service to sport. PCSC nominates an individual every year for this category. All nominations receive an acknowledgement, the final 3 going forward to the awards ceremony with the announcement of the winner at the ceremony. Full press coverage of the ceremony and the award winners follows in the Perthshire Advertiser.   

Club Documents

Volunteer Application Form


Recruitment & Selection Policy Download

Young Volunteer Programme

Scottish Swimming's Young Volunteer Programme (YVP) is a national strategy designed to engage and develop our young members between the ages of 13-25.

There are 5 programmes within the YVP and each programme will provide skills, knowledge and support to prepare and deploy young members to help build on Scottish Swimming’s incredible volunteer base across all disciplines and areas of work.

For more information on club volunteering, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator via [email protected].