Competing for the First Time

This page is intended as a specific guide for those taking part in their first competition. 

Our other pages Meet Entry Process and Gala Wiki also contain further helpful information.


For development swimmers, a standard swimming costume is all that is required; a one-piece costume for girls and swim shorts (close fitting) or jammers (just above the knee) for boys. Costumes must fit neatly; not too loose.


The standard red Club cap with logo is required to be worn at competitions and recommended to be worn at training. 

These can be ordered by emailing [email protected].


Only a Club T-shirt is recommended at this stage.  A very limited amount of stock is held by the Club.  The online shop has two ordering windows throughout the year

There is a Merchandise Page on our Website

Please ensure all belongings have initials or names on them.


  • Club Swimming Cap
  • Goggles and probably a spare
  • 2 towels
  • Water bottle
  • Swim costume and a spare
  • Club T-shirt, shorts, tracksuit bottoms for poolside
  • Clean soled shoes for poolside
  • Healthy snacks – cereal bar, fresh or dried fruit, and water or diluting juice *nothing with peanuts is permitted
  • If you are competing in more than one session you will need to bring a packed lunch (pasta, rice, sandwich, salad, yoghurt, jelly, fruit) etc


Please ensure you keep your swimmer’s record on your Team Unify account up to date.


In the event that you are unable to attend the competition please email:

[email protected] as soon as possible and at least one hour before the start.


At most meets you will be allowed to take photographs or video of your child as long as you have read and signed the Photograph Policy of the host club (usually available at the entrance / programme sales table).  You will likely be given a wrist band to wear.


  • Get changed into your costume and put your belongings securely into a locker (normally £1 coin)
  • Wearing at least your T-shirt, take your cap and goggles, water & snacks and towel poolside
  • Report to the Coach / Team Manager poolside
  • Take part in the warmup session as instructed
  • Mobile phones are NOT permitted poolside – bring a book, colouring pad, puzzle to keep busy between races
  • Never leave poolside without informing the Coach / Team Manager


  • You should sit with our Team poolside for the duration of the meet with our Team Manager & Coach.  Parents / carers are NOT authorised to be poolside or approach their swimmer
  • Be kind to other swimmers
  • You must keep quiet when races are starting so that swimmers can hear the start signal
  • Be mindful not to walk in front of a judge or referee as you might block their view
  • You will be instructed by your Coach when to make your way to marshalling
  • When you get to your starting block, you will be asked to confirm your name to confirm you are in the correct lane
  • Remember you might be in a race with swimmers of different ages, don’t be put off as your time is only compared to swimmers of your age
  • Results may be posted around the pool area – you can ask permission to have a look
  • Again, you are reminded NOT to leave poolside without permission – even for a toilet break


  • You may be selected to be part of a relay team – normally the last event of a session. This can be decided on the day so please be available for selection
  • Clear away any rubbish
  • Gather all your belongings
  • After your last race you can ask to be allowed to leave poolside BUT you must have a parent / guardian available to collect you as soon as you leave this area