What are the Tayside Age Group Leagues?

These are run within Midland District as a stand-alone, friendly set of 5 galas which take place each calendar year.

Each team in a division will host a home gala attended by all other league participants.

All club officials and helpers are invited to help with our home gala.

The programme will include Freestyle and Medley relays in each age group, plus individual races in each stroke. Each team member will swim a maximum of a relay and one individual race.

Points are awarded for placings and totalled from each gala to determine who wins the league trophy.

The Gala will show in the Team Events Calendar just like other Meets.  The team selection will be by the League Team Manager at least 2 weeks before the event with an email requesting the swimmers to confirm attendance.

It is important that you come to the gala once you have confirmed, otherwise the other members of your age group will not be able to swim as a relay team and the team will miss points from your individual swim.

Please note the dates from the Calendar and try to keep free in case you are chosen.  All of the club’s swimmers will be eligible to take part in the league. There is no guarantee a swimmer will be chosen to take part in the league, but the Team Manager will try and involve as many as possible over the course of the 5 galas.

Transportation by coach will be arranged by the Club for all away galas and all swimmers are encouraged to travel as a Team.  Departure will usually be from Perth Leisure Pool.

Swimmers should bring the following to each gala:

  • Goggles & spares.
  • Club top/hoodie.
  • Club swim cap, to be worn in all races.
  • Water bottle.
  • Small, healthy snacks.
  • Towel.
  • £1/50p coin for locker.

Full details for each gala will be available in the Team Event Calendar just like all other Meets.

The Team Manager can be reached at [email protected].